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Lima and Surrounding Areas


Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley


bulletAmazon, Iquitos and Belen
bulletArequipa, Ayacucho, Colca
bulletPuno and Lake Titicaca
bulletPasco, Pozuzo
bulletTrujillo and Chan Chan
bulletHuancayo, Huancavelica 
bulletHuaraz and Huascaran
bulletIca and Paracas
bulletTumbes, Piura, Ecuadorian Border

Lima and Surrounding Areas

bulletThe Magic of Barranco
bulletLa Punta: A Magical Era
bulletMuseum of Art: Documents on Display
bulletChiuchín: A Journey into the Mountains of Lima
bulletRoutes and Tips - Canta-La Viuda - Huayllay- Junín Recommended Route
bulletPurple Rain

Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley

bulletCusco Map
bulletCusco: A Parade of Festivalas
bulletCusco: History, Charm and Fun
bulletTaking a stroll around Cusco
bulletUrubamba: The Sacred Valley of the Incas
bulletRoutes and Tips: Urubamba, a River of Adventure
bulletThe Inca Trail
bulletRoutes and Tips: The Inca Trail
bullet Ollantaytambo


bulletCajamarca: Tangible Charm
bulletCajamarca: Imperial Tomb of the Incas
bulletRoutes and Tips - Cajamarca: Perú's Dairyland

Amazon, Rain Forest, and Iquitos

bulletBirdwatching in Perú
bulletGuide Sheet/Routes and Tips: Birdwatching
bulletThe Mummies of Condor Lake
bulletLeimebamba: Home of the Mummies
bulletLamas:Ancestry of an Enclave
bulletThe Amazon Challenge
bulletChachapoyas: The Architecture of Wonder
bulletRoutes and Tips - Chachapoyas: Odyssey of Stone
bulletThe Yaguas: Men of Balms and Poisons
bulletRoutes and Tips: Yaguas: the Last Frontier
bulletTambopata: Return to Paradise
bulletAshaninka: the Rebirth of a Nation


bulletThe Jungles of Manu
bulletRoutes and Tips- Manu- An Adventure Without Equal
bulletGuide Sheet-Routes and Tips- Birdwatching

Arequipa, Ayacucho, Colca

bulletAyacucho in the Heart
bulletRoutes and Tips: Ayacucho - Hospitable Land
bulletUnkown Destinations: Arequipa, the South also Exists
bulletRoutes and Tips: Arequipa land of Enchantment
bulletAdventure and Nature in the Colca Valley
bulletAyacucho: A Jubilant Peace Returns
bulletRoutes and Tips - Ayacucho: Annals of the Past
bulletVicuña: Maiden of the Heights
bulletRoutes and Tips: Pampa Galeras; Up Here in the Pampa

Puno and Lake Titicaca

bulletLago Titicaca: Vision of Gods
bulletRoutes and Tips: Touring the Island


bullet In the Heart of Candamo
bulletAmbitious Project
bulletComplexity and Fragility
bulletGuide Sheet - Candamo

Pasco, Pozuzo

bulletA Germanic Colony in the Andes
bulletRoutes and Tips: Pozuzo a Welcoming Town

Trujillo and Chan Chan

bulletTrujillo-- the Past AwaitsYou
bulletRoutes and Tips- Trujillo- Come North

Huancayo, Huancavelica

bullet Huancavelica , City of the Stone Idol
bullet Routes and Tips - Huancavelica in the Central Andes
bulletHuancayo- Plentiful Land- Proud Nation

Huaraz and Huascaran

bulletChurup: Bejeweled Landscape
bulletRoutes and Tips - Huaraz is a Happening Place
bulletHuaraz: Perpetual Beauty
bulletRoutes and Tips: Huaraz - Steps to heaven
bulletChavin de Huantar: the conspiracy of the Gods

Ica and Paracas

bulletIca map
bulletIca- Ocean of Sand
bulletParacas- Waves and Wings
bulletRoutes and Tips - Paracas- Sailing Through the Desert
bulletThe Wild Coast


bulletThe Water Lines of Nazca

Tumbes, Piura, Ecuadorian Border

bulletTumbes- A Small Paradise
bulletRoutes and Tips- Tumbes - The Seductive North
bulletPiura- Romance of the Sun and Moon
bulletRoutes and Tips- Piura- Drink And Dance

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