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Paracas National Reserve

Chincha and Guañape may be the best-known guano islands but their location is such that perhaps on the most diehard ornithologists will want to visit them. That is certainly their gain because the sight of the guano birds and beauty of the islands is easily worth the longish boat trip from Paracas through tricky currents and blustery winds.

Location: Paracas National Reserve, Paracas District, Pisco Province, Department of Ica.

Weather conditions: Mean annual temperature of 18.7°C, with a relative humidity of 82.5%. The average wind speed is 9.3mph, with occasional winds, known as "paracas", that reach up to 20mph (the strongest along the Peruvian coast).

Ballesta Islands: Boats set out early every day from the El Chaco mole and offer a spectacular tour of the islands situated in the Bay of Paracas. Setting foot on the islands is not permitted, but the boats pass close enough to see that the islands a hive of activity, from the sealions that swim out to greet the boats, to ungainly penguins diving into the water in droves.

San Gallán and Independencia: The island of San Gallán lies northwest of the Paracas National Reserve, while Independencia is located off the Bay of Paracas. To visit these islands you must take a boat from Lagunillas cove. Don't be surprised if the skipper wants to head back for shore if the wind gets up

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