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Routes and Tips: Pampa Galeras; Up Here in the Pampa

Located in Lucanas province in Ayacucho department, the reserve is only three hours overland or about 100 kilometers, from the city of Nazca. It has an extension of 6,500 hectares but the zone under its influence is about 60,000 hectares, covering the lands of peasant communities in the area. Pampa Galeras Barbara D'Achille, the name given to the reserve in 1993 in memory of the outstanding conservationist, is situated at 3,800 meters above sea level. Staff at the reserve have developed an efficient security system with a team that carries out forest patrols to prevent the indiscriminate killing of the vicuña. To get to Pampa Galeras, take the Nazca-Cuzco route which should be paved shortly because it connects the coast with areas such as Puquio, Chalhuanca and Abancay. There is no lodging but it is possible to camp out near the administrative offices, which means bringing camping equipment and food. The best alternative is to stay overnight at one of the hotels in Nazca. Besides vicuña, you can see a wide variety of flora and fauna at the reserve. Shrubs, graminaes, ferns and cactus and ichu, a kind of straw, are common. There are small forests of quenoales, many of which are at least a century old and measure more than a meter in diameter. In these forests, deer, tarucas and cougars are easily spotted. There is also an infinity of Andean wolves, vizcachas and guinea pigs. It also possible to see eagles, partridges, the ñandu, a species of ostrich. Puya Raimondi, an exceptional plant which grows as high as 12 meters and flowers every 100 years, has been also been found on the reserve.

Volume I/Issue 4, Page 60
Edited, 2003

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