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Tours and Tips: Birdwatching in Perú

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Whistling Duck
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Birding seasons: Peru is a country of various climates. Keep this in mind when packing for a birding trip as you may very well experience everything from near-arctic conditions in the high Andes to hot, tropical conditions in the rainforest. Birds breed year-round, but there is a peak in breeding activity, and consequently birdsong, just before the rains come in October, making it easier to locate many birds between September and Christmas. Rain gear is useful for the mountains, but an umbrella is best for the rainforest. Light hiking boots are the preferred footwear, but take rubber knee-boots for jungle excursions. Insect repellent is a must, while Malaria prophylaxis and a yellow fever inoculation is recommended for lowland rainforest areas. Binoculars are, of course, indispensable.

Paracas: Accommodation is available at the Hotel Paracas on the Paracas peninsula, and less expensively 15kms north in the town of Pisco.

Marcapomacocha: This lake is accessible by a road from Chosica (40kms east of Lima) and can be visited in a long day trip. Since public transportation is unreliable, a hired vehicle is essential. There are no formal accommodations so camping is the only option for overnight stays.

Bibliography:  Fieldguide to the Birds of Peru by James F Clements y Noam Shany, ed Ibis, Publishing Company.  A website for birdwatchers:  with many photos and useful descriptions*. 

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A combination of the following books will ensure that 99% of sightings can be identified: Birds of the High Andes; Birds of South America, Vol. I & II; Guide to the Birds of Colombia; An Annotated Checklist of Peruvian Birds; Las aves del departamento de Lima.

Manu: Only authorized operators are permitted to take visitors into this area. For travel information, please check 

*Information kindly provided by our visitor Juan Pedro Paz Soldan

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