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bulletIn the Heart of Candamo                                            
bulletGuide Sheet - Candamo
bullet Amazonia Experience
bulletUnknown Destinations - Churup- Bejeweled Landscape
bulletFaraway Destinations- Peruvian Journey in the Himalayas
bulletThe Seductive North
bulletAyacucho in the Heart
bulletRoutes and Tips: Ayacucho - Tierra Hospitalaria
bulletThe Wild Coast
bulletTours and Tips - Canta-La Viuda - Huayllay- 
bullet Junín Recommended Route
bulletLeimebamba: Home of the Mummies
bulletRoutes and Tips: Tarapoto - A Region of Mighty Rivers
bulletTours and Tips: Manu, an adventure without equal
bulletRoutes and Tips: Urubamba, a river of adventure
bulletHuaraz: perpetual beauty
bulletRoutes and Tips: Huaraz - Steps to Heaven
bulletThe Amazon challenge
bulletChachapoyas: The Architecture of Wonder
bulletTours and Tips - Chachapoyas: Odyssey of Stone
bulletRoutes and Tips: The Inca Trail
bulletThe Inca Trail
bulletThe Sacred and the Profane 
bulletChiuchín: A Journey into the Mountains of Lima
bulletRoutes and Tips: Touring the Island
bulletAdventure and Nature in the Colca Valley
bulletHuancayo: Plentiful land, Proud Nation
bulletPiura: Romance of the Sun and Moon


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