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About RUMBOS Online
The Travel Magazine of Perú

This web site is made possible through the tenacious vision of the Magazine founder: Charles Stone.

Rumbos Online is a most exciting and complete collection of information by themes and photographs about Perú on the web. Our vibrant organization of information about Perú, has been expanded to cover destinations throughout Latin America and Europe.  

The information can be browsed by:


Theme Archaeology, Adventure, Art & Culture, Ecology. Each theme is represented by an icon that has been inspired in ceramic and textiles of Peruvian pre-Inca culture.


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We have created a data base of keywords that appear in published articles of  Rumbosonline.

Rumbos on-line is a web site based in New York City, USA. We do not handle subscriptions for the hard copy which is published in Lima, Perú. For any other information please send an E-mail to or use our contact form . If you need  information for tours contact our Travel section.


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