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Tours and Tips: Trujillo, Come North


  Isla Guañape: At Puerto Mori in the Viru Province, 45 kms south of Trujillo. Ecological reserve on the northern coast. Seals and sea lions frolic on its rocky beaches, creating a view similar to that of the Paracas Reserve (south of Lima). It is best to go in groups of at least five people and rent a boat. which will take you there in about three hours.

El Brujo. 35 kms from Trujillo. Pre-hispanic constructions provide evidence of a prolonged period of cultural continuity. In 1990, archaeologists found walls with painted murals and embossed engravings with scenes that symbolise the magical-religious world of the Moche civilisation (200-700 A.D.). The best way to reach El Brujo is to take the North Panamerican Highway to the town of Magdalena de Cao at km 604. There, take the take a narrow track that cuts through the sugar plantation there. Don't be surprised if you meet up with a Andean wolf, the experience can be rewarding... for both!

Chepen. Located two hours from Trujillo and about 700 kms north of Lima. This charming town offers several mostly unknown tourist attractions. The route taken for the procession with Cerro Chepen, a work of religious architecture showing the Stations of the Cross. From the summit you can see one of the most magnificent views of the coastal valleys.

El Algarrobal of San Jose del Moro. One of the largest carob forests on the northern coast, the site has been declared a National Reserve. Inside, see the Huaca de San Jose del Moro, an archaeological site where they dug up the remains of a Moche priestess.

Archaeological remains inside the city of Trujillo. Huaca Arco Iris in the district of Esperanza. Huaca Esmeralda, 2 kms from the city of Trujillo, on the road to Huanchaco. Chan Chan, the largest city of clay in the pre-Hispanic world, located on the road to Huancaco some 20 minutes from Trujillo. Huacas de La Luna (moon) and El SoI (sun), pyramids dating from the Moche civilisation, are located 5 kms from Trujillo.   

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