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Routes and Tips - Huaraz is a Happening Place

Detail of a beautiful reflection in Churup Lake © Jorge Yamamoto

Tje warm tones of small trees and gold-colored lichens contrast with the steely coldness of the rock and water. © Mylene D'Auriol

© Alejandro Tello


Getting there: You can get to Huaraz from Lima in around seven and a half hours on the bus. If you take your own car, though you can shave about two hours off the journey.

Accommodation: Huaraz has hotels catering to every wallet, including La Casa de Zarela (US$5 a head in shared rooms), Hostal Santo Victoria (US$10-15 a night), Hotel de Turistas (US$40-80), and Hostal Andino (US$80 to 100).

Eating out: There is a good range of cuisine, from Italian at Monterosa, international food at La CrÍperie de Patrick, or a value-for-money typical menu at El Encuentro. The local market sells freshly made fruit juices (at a dollar a litre).

Nightlife: El Tambo is something of a local institution and a popular hangout for climbers, especially after a descent.

Dos and Doníts: do be nice to the plants; donít build campfires; donít litter.


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