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Routes and Tips: Lake Titicaca - Touring the Islands

Location: Lake Titicaca is shared by Peru and Bolivia. The Peruvian side is situated in the Department of Puno, in south-eastern Peru, on the Andean altiplano, at 3,810 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest navigable lake in the world. It has a surface area of 8,100 sq. kms., not counting the islands and peninsulas.

How to get there: One flies to Juliaca from Lima, Arequipa or Cusco. There are a variety of domestic flights available. Principal Islands: On Taquile, where one can spend the night, the local people offer beds for S/.45 per night. Amantani is opposite Taquile. Suasi, where a fine ecological hotel under construction. Ideal for relaxation.

How to get to the Islands: Small boats run a service to Taquile and Amantani. Pyramid Tours has two boats of 25 and 36 passengers, which offer comfort and toilet facilities, and take less time to get there, which allows a longer stay on the islands. Daily departures at 7:15 am. Visit to the Uros and Taquile (3 hours traveling time).

Lodging in Puno: The three star Hotel Esteves Island, with a beautiful view over Lake Titicaca. The Colon Inn  and the very affordable Ferrocarril..

Recommendations: To avoid soroche (altitude sickness): rest the first day, eat lightly and drink mate de coca.

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