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Guide Sheet: Pozuzo, a Welcoming Town

Map of PozuzoHow to get there?

An express air service is available, the flight lasting about one hour, 25 minutes. The overland trip from Lima to Oxapampa takes between 11 and 12 hours. Different bus companies (including Moderno, Los Andes, Oxapampa, and Chanchamayo) offer services between these two. The trip from Oxapampa to Pozuzo takes from 3 to 4 hours; this route is covered by the Moderno company or can be done in privately–hired vehicles.

Location and climate

Pozuzo lies 475 kilometers from Lima in the Pasco Department at 854m (2,802 ft) above sea level. The yearly mean temperature is 23C° (73F°) and the rainy season lasts from November to April. Its primary festival is celebrated on July 25 (the day of its foundation) and lasts for five days.

Where to stay?

There are several welcoming establishments, among which stand out the Tirol and Prusia hostels (both in the Prusia district) and the Maldonado and the Schmidt hostels (in the centre of town). Visitors can also lodge in private homes with previous co-ordination. On the outskirts of town lies the Toropampa Youth Hostel.

Where to eat?

The city offers an ample gamut of dining establishments. Among these are the Típico Pozucino, Típico Betania and El Regional restaurants (located in the centre of town). Another is El Prusianito (in the Prusia district).

Where to go?

There is no lack of attractions in Pozuzo. Both the city centre and the outskirts boast interesting sites for the tourist. We also recommend routes that encompass Pozuzo–Puente Vogt–Palmira–Palmatambo–Prusia, and Pozuzo–Santa Rosa–San Pedrito–Sereno–Pozuzo.

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