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Routes and Tips - Canta-La Viuda - Huayllay- Junín Recommended Route

Day 1: Trip from Limo-Canta, just over three hours (when passing through Santa Rosa de Quives, watch out for the giant, unmarked canals). Overnight lodging ranges from S /.5 soles to $30. A great place for visiting archeological sites and enjoying the townspeople’s’ hospitality.

Day 2: One should stay in Canta until acclimatized. Day 3: Canta-La Viuda trip (on surfaced road), about two hours. La Viuda-Huascacocha (there is a stretch of one-way road marked with potholes), four and a half-hours. Does not go below 4,200 meters above sea level. Huascacoche-entrance to Huayllay. One can camp here (there are excellent camping locations) or slay al basic lodgings. The area is renowned far iii thermal baths.

Day 4: Entrance to Huayllay-Huayllay. A full-day walk through the sanctuary is recommended. One can also advance a stretch by car and then walk, the best views are not accessible by vehicle, even four-wheel drive ones). There is excellent camping and basic lodgings.

Day 5: Huayllay-Junin, in one hour, 15 minutes. Visit Lake Junin. Magnificent eating if the altitude permits. Junin-Lima in five hours.

Tips: A vehicle with a minimum ground clearance of 20 centimeters is a must. Night time temperatures drop to ~4° C. From before La Viuda to Huayllay, there is no mechanical service, but trucks pass during the day. It is essential to be fully acclimatized since most of the trip, i.e., from La Viuda to La Oroya, is over 4,000 meters above sea level and the most interesting camping spots on Day 3 are at an average of 4,500 meters. It is best to travel between May and October.

Village of Huayllay where tourist information and guides for your trip are available
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Village of Huayllay where tourist information
and guides for your trip are available

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