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Routes and Tips: Tarapoto - A Region of Mighty Rivers

Distances and How to get there: From Lima to Tarapoto, the distance is 1487 kms., and the altitude is 426 m.a.s.l. The easiest way is by air, one hour's flying from Lima, although one can also arrive by shallow-draft riverboat from Tingo Maria to Juanjui, along the Huallaga river. From there, to Tarapoto, along the marginal highway.

Climate and seasons: Warm and humid. The temperatures vary from 16 to 32 degrees Celsius, and the best time to travel is between April and December. After that the rains begin.

Attractions: A visit to the village of Lamas, about 30 kms. from Tarapoto, is recommended. Take walks in the surrounding areas to visit the waterfall of Ahuashiyacu and, above all, a trip to Laguna Azul or Sauce, which connects to the indescribably beautiful Lago Lindo.

Lodging: Within the city, Puerto Palmeras, furnished with every comfort and excellent service, besides being located in a privileged spot. In Sauce or Laguna Azul, Puerto Patos, with picturesque bungalows, in a tropical forest environment.

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