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During the first four months of the year, a great number of festivals are celebrated in Peru.Calendar: The Sacred and the Profane


Starting on the 21st through to the 25th, the Carnival of Huànuco begins with the entrance of Don Calixto, King of the Carnival. The festival ends on Ash Wednesday with his staged burial.

The 22nd to the 28th is Summer Tourism Week in Ilo (Moquegua department); this includes a series of recreational activities related to the summer season, including water sports.

The cajón, a percussion instrument from the south with a particularly intersting sound.From February the 23rd to March 3rd, Ica and Chincha celebrate the Afro-Peruvian Summer Festival, where visitors can enjoy Afro-Peruvian folklore, carnivals, a national dance competition, and traditional Peruvian comparsas (dance troupes) and corsos (decorated floats).

Organised by the Departmental Direction of Industry and Tourism and the Lion’s Club, the Ucayali Carnival Festival takes place from the 24th to the 28th in Pucallpa and Yarinacocha, Activities include traditional dance contests around the cortamonte or humisha tree to the rhythm of bombos and other drums, and a spectacular fireworks display.

On the 25th, Olmos and Motupe (Lambayeque department) celebrate the religious festival of La Cruz de Chalpón with dancing, cockfights, fairs, and other popular activities.

The joyful black summer festival held in the enthusiastic town of Chincha.Other carnivals taking place in February occur in Huaraz, Junín, Ayacucho, Apurímac, Amazonas, and Cajamarca.


The International Vine Harvest Festival takes place in Ica during the first two weeks of this month.

On the 14th, the festival of El Señor Nazareno Cautivo, patron of Monsefú (Lambayeque department) is celebrated with a procession of the holy image through principal streets of town. There is a handicraft fair and delicious local and traditional food.

From the 27th to the 30th, Puerto Malabrigo (La Libertad department) hosts the National Surf Competition.

The peaceful Plaza de Armas in the town of Macquega.Cajamarca celebrates Palm Sunday on March 28th this year, a religious festival known locally as Las Cruces de Porcón.

Between March and April:

During Holy Week, Ayacucho commemorates the life, passion, and the death of Christ with 10 days of processions. This important Christian festival is also celebrated in the cities of Cusco, Arequipa, Huaraz (Ancash department), Tarma, Acobamba and Palcamayo (Junín department), Omate (Moquegua department), Lambayeque, Chiclayo and Ferreñafe (Lambayeque deparment), Iquitos (Loreto department) and in many other towns and cities.

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