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Orchids of Peru

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Butterflies of Peru

A great number of butterfly species are drawn to the river Tambopta on a warm evening. © Mylene D'Auriol

Zaretis Itys;  Madre de Díos, Tambopata.  A perfect imitation of a dry leaf. © David Ahrenholz Morpho menelaus; Madre de Dios, Tambopata, of brilliant irridesence.  © Heinz Plenge
Siproeta stelenes; Huánuco, Tingo Maria.  © David Ahrenholz Not a punk hairdress, but the furry larva of megalopygid moth.  © Benjamin Collantes Butterfly/Mariposa © Heinz Plenge
Dione glycera © David Ahrenholz Prepona laertes; Huánuco, Tingo Maria. © David Ahrenholz

Underside of part of the wings of Morpho deídamia.  

A colorful cloud of butterflies.  © Heinz Plenge Consul fabius; Huánuco, Tingo Maria © David Ahrenholz


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