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Tumbes, Ecuador/Peru Border

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In the Sechura desert, the earth cracks in the heat of summer. A small frog inspects his watery domain. Granite cliffs, covered by white guano contrast with the blue waters of the Bayovar river.
A magical sunset over the bay of Nonura. A fortunate fisherman - the humble Murqui fish is one of the most highly prized catches in Tumbes waters. An ancient house resisting change, on the El Limon hacienda in the river valley of Tumbes.
Detail of the Ceiba bark. Embracing the sky.  Covered in savage spikes, this huge Ceibo tree or "Drunken Branch"spreads out its branches in the dry Tumbes forest. An ancient fig tree on the banks of a stream in El Caucho.
Colorful flowers. El papelillo is a species characteristic of the dry Ecuadorian forest. Pastures in Figeueroa, part of the reserved zone of Tumbes on the border of Ecuador
A dark colored Mygola tarantula. A Cavery tortoise. A farmer crosses a rice field in La Cruz.
An entrance sign on the way to Cerros de Amotape national park. Acompanied by two little ones, a Balsamo campesino rests on the porch of his ranch. The legendary Eulogio Peña, the most experienced guide of the northern forests.
Perú/Ecuador Border

The harassing of native inhabitatns is a common problem. Iguanas

Preserving the ecosystem is a job for both Peru and Ecuador.

A native of the Shuars or Aguarana village. Houses in a jungle that has no frontiers.

The intense blue sea surrounding the Galapagos.

On the glapagos Islands, the famous flamingos wear the colors of the Peruvian flag. Golden rays on the bay of Tortuga Negro (One of the Islands of Santa Cruz)
The winged immaculate, oil on canvas, Quiteñan School. Female face made of gold and turquoise, the classic Tolita. Main altar in the church of la Compañía: Peruvian influence from Cajamarca is felt in Quito, Ecuador.


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