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Routes and Tips: Lamas - A Return to the Past

How to get there: By air from Lima to Yamabamba or Tarapoto. The latter is more convenient because it is closer. The flight lasts one or two hours. The road from Tarapoto is in good condition and has recently started to be renovated. Lamas can also be reached by taking the Panamericana highway from Lima to Chiclayo and then the Penetracion highway which starts in Chiclayo. It then detours to Bagua, Rioja, Moyobamba and finally Lamas. This trip is 1,400 kilometers long.

Lodging: There are second-class hotels and small but comfortable hostels. However, a first class hotel complex will soon open on the town's uppermost level, providing tourists with all kinds of facilities.

Food: The food of the region is that typical of the jungle: mainly rice, fish, beans, meats and fruits which are indigenous to the region. "Inchicapi" and tamales called "juanes" are delicious favorites.

Climate: The climate is warm, with temperatures running from 25 to 30 degrees centigrade. Light clothing is recommended, although rubber boots might be needed during the winter months due to heavy rain. In general the weather is pleasant.

Tourism: One can go fishing in the river or go hunting for local animals such as huanangas, fox and deer in the hills.

Volume II/Issue 8, Page 44
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