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Ecuador: Galapagos Cruises 
The Galapagos Legend

Take an unforgettable cruise through the enchanted islands where time stands still. 

The galapagos tortoise The Galapagos Islands: Located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 625 miles off of Ecuador's  Coast.  This mysterious and fascinating archipelago is comprised of 13 large islands, six smaller ones and over 40 islets.  Together they cover 2,938 sq. miles. Almost all  of the islands are south of the equator at the convergence of several marine currents. These islands emerged from the Pacific some three to five million years ago as the result of underwater volcanic eruptions. These special characteristics combine to create this zoological, geological and botanical wonder.  This fantastic terrestrial and marine environments  led the naturalist Charles Darwin to base "The Origin of the Species" on his 1835 field work here..  
The Sleeping Lion How to get there: Take a flight to Ecuador, arrive in Quito or Guayaquil.  There are daily flights that depart from Ecuador's main airports for San Cristobal Island or to Baltra airport in Santa Cruz island.  San Cristobal Island is the closest of the Galapagos Islands to the coast.  Flights are heavily booked so we recommend that you confirm flights and be sure to arrive early at the airport.  The archipelago is a national park and all visitors must pay an entrance fee - save your receipt because you may need to show it more than once.  No visitors are allowed to enter  independently, you must book with an authorized tour operator.
El Hipocampo How to cruise the islands: Through the evolutionary process, climate, ocean currents and the comparative lack of predatory enemies, including man, the Galapagos became one of the most compelling places in the world, its unique landscapes have captivated tourists and scientists of several generations.  Enjoy this paradise in the Galapagos Legend, a 90 passenger cruise 5-star fully air conditioned ship, which will give you extra comfort and more people to socialize with. Explore the islands on board the best yacht that cruises the archipelago: the Grand Coral,  fully air conditioned vessel, accommodates 32 guests. Mix  fun with knowledge, leisure with comfort  navigate in first class Motor Yachts Coral 1 & Coral 2 . Galapagos islands, once the hideout for pirates, are one of the  few places in the world where animals are undisturbed and not afraid of  humans. Traveling from island to island is possible only by boat.  It is recommended to reserve your space on a cruise ship in advance. Cruises start from 4 days/3 nights to 8 days/7 nights. Passengers visit the islands in groups of 10 in motorboats accompanied by multilingual-naturalist guides. 
The Charles Darwin Finch The Charles Darwin Research Station: was established in Santa Cruz Island over four decades ago and among other programs the research station is in charge of controlling the hatching of the tortoise's eggs.  Regarding a recent Oil  Spill, the center announced that complementary work will be done on improving the regulatory framework to prevent environmental disasters. Contingency plans will be prepared for future incidents and the trained personnel, facilities, equipment, networks of contacts and Financing mechanisms will be put in place, so that Galapagos is well prepared for emergencies. For more information go to: 
The Coral 1 Yatch What to do:  The Galapagos are a paradise for  passengers that want to practice scuba and snorkeling, all the facilities and equipment are available on board the Galapagos Legend, the Grand Coral, Coral 1 and Coral 2.  The archipelago has an incredible variety of marine life, ranging from the harmless 55-foot whale shark to the tiny red-lipped bat fish, fish of all colors, whales and dolphins, tortoises. The waters of the Galapagos hold over 400 fish species, of which a large number are endemic, that is, unique to the islands.  It is the home of the only marine iguanas, friendly sea lions, penguins, pelicans and flamingos. The ship's crew will take care of your safety at all times and naturalist guides provide a multilingual facility.
Grand Coral living space How to treat yourself: With all the commodities of a cruise liner yet small enough for that intimate experience with nature. The Legend has been designed for the most comfortable Galapagos adventure. As part of its first class service, it offers gourmet meals, multilingual naturalist guides, safety on board, spacious and beautifully decorated touring vessel. The day starts with a delicious buffet breakfast including natural juices, exotic fruits of the season, assorted cheeses, cereal, and eggs any style. Lunch and dinner are prepared with fresh ingredients, fish, red meat or chicken by the expert chef on board. The menu  includes international dishes and specialties of Ecuador. There are also menus for vegetarians  and special diets. Combine your cruise with an exiting visit to the smallest country in South America: the amazing Ecuador. You can practically travel from one end of the country to the other in one day. Since both its cultural heritage as well as landscapes are so diverse and rich in contrasts, a trip to Ecuador will be an unforgettable experience.

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