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Guide Sheet: The Route to Beauty - Orchids of Perú
La Libertad - Huánuco - Junin-Pasco - Ancash - Cusco

Guide Sheet: The Route to Beauty - Orchids of PerúBefore preparing an expedition, travelers must take into account that orchid flowering takes place during certain periods of the year so a bit of research is necessary before planning any trip. Another factor is the common practice of pilfering along the most accessable tourist routes, radically diminishing the visible amount of orchids. Keep in mind that the assistance of a guide familiar with the region you plan to visit is highly recommended.

San Martín: take the one hour Lima - Rioja flight. Cars are available for hire to Moyobamba (30 minutes). Once there, travel in moto-taxi to the Morro Calzada road. On the way up many species of orchids will be visible.

Piura: take the Pan-American highway north (14 hours) or a daily flight lasting one hour. On arrival, use public transportation or a hired vehicle towards the City of Ayabaca. From there long walks in the countryside will reveal many orchid groves. You can also take a bus that to the archeological site of Aypate, surrounded by forests and orchids.

La Libertad: Bus travel north on the Pan-American highway from Lima to Trujillo is 9 hours. Flights last approximately half an hour. Once in Trujillo take the route through Huamachuco and Pallar to Chahual. In Chahual walk towards the Piaz lagoon or the El Abiseo reserve. Spectacular views abound.

Señores políticos y autoridades: nuestra biodiversidad reclama la creación de nuevas zonas de reserva intangibles, y mejorar las defensas de las existentes como Machu Picchu. Huánuco: Travel by bus up the Central highway heading north to the city of Tingo Maria (7 hours). Once there, hire a car to travel to the Bella Durmiente district and other nearby tourist attractions. A visit to the orchid nursery owned by Enrique Jara in town is recommended.

Junín-Pasco: take the Lima-San Ramón-La Merced road (7 hours). In San Ramón travel by moto-taxi towards the El Tirol waterfall. The road to La Merced-Pozuzo and Villa Rica-Pozuzo crosses the Yanachaga-Chemillen Park, a reserve area with abundant flora and fauna.

Ancash: travel up the Lima-Huaraz highway. In Huaraz take a vehicle (hired or public) towards the Llanganuco lake by way of Yungay. The famous walk along the Llanganuco-Santa Cruz circuit (5 days) provides wonderful photo opportunities of many species of Andean orchids.

Cusco: Multiple daily flights from Lima. In Cusco contact one of the many tour agencies to travel along the Ollantaytambo-Machu Picchu Inca Trail (3 to 5 days). As you pass Phuyupatamarca and Wiñay Wayna on the way to Inti Punku and Machu Picchu itself, remember to stop every now and then to take in some of the most beautiful scenery in Peru.


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