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Parts of an Orchid

Partes de una Orquídea/Parts of an Orchid Using the Oncidium lanceanum species, the various parts of the orchid are illustrated Below:  

1. Column of the Cattleya luteola showing
(a) anther,
(b) stigma,
(c) base of the column.

f07.jpg (6176 bytes)

2. A pollinareum in Catasetum
(a) Pollinium, (b) stem,
(c) viscidium.

f05.jpg (3195 bytes)

3. Thick seed containing ovary in the Masdevallia
(a) dry flower,
(b) ovary.

4. Ovary in the Epidendrum, releasing the tiny seeds.

By Benjamin Collantes
Volume III/Issue 13, Page 09
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